Sunday, July 26, 2009


Hey, all. If you go to this link:
you will find, as you scroll down, a one-question survey about opening the Geological Museum again. Right now, those who think the university administration's plan to reopen (as a result of public outcry over the closing) are slightly ahead (44% vs. 38%) of those of us who know that a museum open part-time with a custodial security guard does not fulfill the definition of an educationally and scientifically relevant institution.

Peeps, the Control Freak and his Stoolies have decided to reopen the museum with some magically produced private funds that apparently the Money Man pulled out of his arse for the purpose (and was highly lauded for his generosity, when the rest of us would probably not even be thanked for doing our jobs if that's what we were doing, was just our jobs.) Anyway, you're smart, or you wouldn't be here, on this blog. So, please take something like 23 seconds to click on that link, scroll down, and click on the first circle: Yes, it needs to be open all the time. (We can flesh out the details with the Powers That Be over what that "open all the time" entails, later on. First we need to make them listen to the people who pay their fat salaries.

Thanks a lot!

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