Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bad, bad, bad!

Peeps, I was so stressed out this morning when I got up and got my day-old coffee heated and sat down to write out my To Do list for the day and deal with Friends of the SH Knight Geological Museum e-mails that had piled up while I was in Denver yesterday, or sleeping last night, that I was crabby with the FFM when he called from work. Not good! I don't like being all fretty like this. Guess I am getting pretty old for the multi-tasking bit. I'd rather take things slow, you know? Or, moreso, not be jammed into a schedule laid on by others. I seem to have some sort of love-hate relationship with time.

That said, you get Edison again today, more from the world of big box stores.... tadaaa!

“ When Zarathustra arrived at the nearest town which adjoineth theforest, he found many people assembled in the market-place; for it hadbeen announced that a rope-dancer would give a performance. AndZarathustra spake thus unto the people:I teach you the Superman. [Ich lehre euch den Übermenschen: amazingly Stanley Rosen (The Mask of Enlightenment) got his German grammar all wrong I think: because he translates: "I teach you about the supermen" and comments: "The use of the plural Übermenschen shows that Zarathustra is not prophesying the coming of a single superior being, but a new human type." But "den Übermenschen" is a singular masculine accusative (the object of the teaching); the accusative plural would be: Ich lehre euch die Übermenschen." So Rosen is wrong from the very start, Nietzsche is NOT calling for "a new human type".In fact the text does not yet tell us what the Superman could be.]”

This fits the BigBoxer Nazi theme to come, but yet again… I digress. Oh Hell! Sing along to get used to it? Plus, goose stepping around the living room is a good cardio thing…I’m told….well maybe.

There are a ton of really fun experiments I have performed in BigBoxLand that are a riot, but if you do them wrong, or take them too far, you can wind up in the Stir. I will not defend or support you there. Although I may send you a soap-on-a-rope. No need to fall on the sword for me or for anyone else unless you need immediate therapy… there are help lines for that schtuff. I’ll leave out the riskier, albeit more amusing, feats.

The self check-out features rely on four primary factors:
A Floor Walker that knows a little more than general plant life
Barcode Readers
Belt/Table Weight
Security Cameras

I know this seems out of order, but I hope to make sense of it as I go.

A Floor Walker The Big Boxers don’t like to pay people for working. They would prefer machines that can be unplugged, discarded, or reprogrammed. Get used to it Buckwheat. Near all of the self-check-out kiosks at WholesaleBJ’sRUs dwells a being capable to some degree of independent thought. They understand, to some degree, the computer system, and can fix some of the frequently encountered difficulties without calling upon the mothership, perhaps in Arkansas. They are fully, and I mean fully, capable of putting a sign on the kiosk saying “Out of Order” or Credit Card Only”. Call it an art form? They are also capable of calling or alerting Security. They generally know a bit about the store, so if you alert one, you have a help source for shopping when no workers are on the floor to assist you. See, I told you all was not lost. They are the ones that you may meet if you test their system, as have I.

And more on the way.

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