Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Travelrama

OK, peeps, I am now somewhat ensconced (with the door open because the windows won't) in my uber modern Motel 6 room in Jackson, the town that has already proved to me to be the pretentious mountain town I had always envisioned. Really, who goes to the mountains to visit a goddam bistro? You go to the mountains to drink strong coffee and smell the flowers, not the prosciutto- don't you? Not if you are chichioua enough to vacation in places like this. Or, rather, have second or third homes here. I've run into Asian and German tourists already who are cheaping it and probably don't give two craps about a bistro because they have to eat little wedgie sandwiches and drink 6 dollar coffees at home.

It was a long drive today; after 7 hours doing inspections, another 4 from Powell to Jackson, via Yellowstone and Teton National Parks- toooooo bad, right? Perfect time and weather for driving, and it's so much easier to deal with construction when sitting in the middle of a national park with a view. (That construction is your recovery dollars at work, btw.)

So, the Domino's lady just dropped off my latest meal: chicken carbonara pasta bread bowl, ordered without the bread, but arriving with it anyway, and a garden salad. On this trip I have had little time to eat real food. Actually, the closest I've got is a can of pork and beans I picked up at a Maverik Sunday night. But let me tell you, there are some places and foods I can tell you to avoid, and some I can assure you are worth a try, in the convenience- fast food realm.

First, this carbonara (despite the bread bowl) easily rivals a carbonara offered at any regular Italian restaurant I've ever visited. And the garden salad is, amazingly, fresh. And no, I am not one of those mommy bloggers I heard about on NPR a couple days ago. I am working; I get reimbursed for a certain dollar amount of food; I am working the kind of job that doesn't allow sitting down for a homecooked meal for a few days, and I am going to rave about how great Domino's is, without the company having offered me anything free! Yay, Domino's!

(By the way, that whole "workers tamper with the chow" thing on YouTube... Do you think Domino's is the only place that's ever happened? Crap, I know a guy who worked at Wendy's, where all the kids would just pick up food when it dropped on the floor and toss it back in the container for which it was meant. And the Plymouth crew will readily recall the cigarette butt Lis found in her - fresh- fried rice years ago.)

On the other hand, Pizza Hut for sure is on the way out. I mean, it has to be. I can regale you later with the details, but I want to keep this a Positive Post. So, before I retire to my e-mail, where apparently there is some cryptic message from mi cunada awaiting, and then move to Lexulous before I sleep- woe unto you, competitors, when the semester begins and concentrating on a Lexulous game becomes a part of my repertoire again. Enjoy your victories now, for they will soon fade away!-...

The new Angus Burger at McD's, the Totally Complete Angus Burger Specialty, or whatever they call it: way worth the money. Oh yow!

That is all for now- except to say: Rold Gold Pretzels are the perfect road snack. Always have been, always will be. Mmm, Mmm, like crunchy butter.

G'night, all, and thanks for stopping by every however often you do.

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