Saturday, October 2, 2010

Time to Wrap It Up

Peeps, it was almost 3 years ago I started this blog, mostly as a way to get my voice back. To see if I could still talk. Well, I can, and I have, and it's time to wrap up now. I've become bitter, argumentative, and frankly, nothing I think or have to say- nothing any of us thinks or has to say- is that important. We're just a bunch of ants running around on a big patch of ground, and it's not worth it to say any more.

Thanks to all you loyal readers. I'll run into some of you in other venues.

Be well.


When I was in Dominica, the alarm clock was the time around dawn when the day birds were coming awake and the night birds were going bedding down and the whole rain forest all around was a cacaphony of bird songs.

It's been a lot like that here the past few days, only different birds, temperate birds, summer birds flying through on their way south again, winter birds on their way back here for a few months, sparrows and finches and those birds who stick around all year still here, a huge bunch of birds making noise in the morning and the late afternoon and evening, while they stop to eat and sleep. Jays and chickadees defying the record hot temps for this time of year. Maybe everyone who should be farther south by now sticking around a little longer because of the same, even though the leaves are changing color faster every day, falling off the trees and drying and crackling.

Not funny but something pretty right here right now.

Friday, October 1, 2010

ALIPAC Calls for Arrest of Candidate Meg Whitman & Nicky Diaz!

Life's too short to take seriously...

September 30, 2010

For National Release

Contact: Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC)
(866) 703-0864

"In response to the explosive revelations that California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman employed illegal alien Nicky Diaz for nine years, ALIPAC is asking Immigration and Customs Enforcement to arrest and charge both Whitman and Diaz for numerous immigration and employment law violations.

""We need equal justice for both the illegal alien and the employer," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "Nicky Diaz should be charged and deported and Meg Whitman should face the existing penalties under current US law as well. No Amnesty for Whitman or Diaz, the Rule of Law must be restored in America."

"Nicki Diaz gave a tearful interview to reporters today, accompanied by Gloria Allred, a longtime Democratic supporter. Diaz claims that Whitman, a Republican candidate for Governor of California, knew she was an illegal alien and was abusive to her and failed to pay her all her wages. Diaz cried through most of the interview in what was an obviously contrived display of political theater.

""Best illegal alien actor award of 2010 should go to Nicki Diaz for her role as the tearful victimized invader," said William Gheen. "Meg Whitman's financial gain from the movie rights should be seized by the courts to compensate the American taxpayers who have paid the price for her illegal laborer over the years."

Americans curious about Meg Whitman's support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty (CIRA) that would lift current laws and penalties for both illegal aliens and their employers now know why. If CIRA were to pass, exploitative employers like Whitman would escape the existing penalties under US law which have a nine year statute of limitations.

The American public has indicated in numerous scientific polls that well over 80% of Americans want employers like Meg Whitman heavily fined. Over 50% want the employers of illegals, like Whitman, jailed.

"Americans have also shown overwhelming support for the arrest, detention, and deportation of illegal immigrants like Nicki Diaz. Both the US Constitution and the existing laws of Congress mandate that both Whitman and Diaz should be charged and treated equally under those laws.

""We stand with the majority of American citizens who want our existing border and immigration laws enforced!" said William Gheen. "Therefore we call on all appropriate authorities to arrest and charge both Meg Whitman and Nicki Diaz."

"For more information about how America's existing border and immigration laws go woefully unenforced, and for information about the thousands of Americans killed each year at the hands of illegal aliens, while millions of other Americans suffer lost jobs, depreciated wages, and massive multi-billion dollar tax resource theft, please visit "

p.s. Thanks, Mario, for posting on FB.