Friday, July 31, 2009

Don't Make Me Madder!

Peeps, I guess I didn't realize how much cheating behavior has been stressing me out and making me just rebel and say NO to everything. Crap, I realized it this morning when the FFM made his daily wake-up call and I got all pissy because he has YogaX scheduled for his workout today, and I have been missing a regular workout and YogaX in particular, and I was just edgy about it, like dammit, I am being cheated again!

In fact, I am posting NOW mostly because, despite that I have paperwork to do, someone has been messing with the wireless here and my access keeps being dropped. And I know it's someone messing because I had to defrag Scutabaga last night at bedtime because he'd slowed down a lot in a little time, and I was having the scanty access, and a similar named wireless network kept popping up when I had to reconnect, trying to tempt me away from the real deal.

All I can say is he (note how I assume it's a guy? Well, the President of the University of Wyoming is a guy, Dick Cheney is a guy, Karl Rove is a guy... see where I'm going with this? I'm sure there are plenty of female cheaters out there- Martha Stewart, the poster child being the first who comes to mind, but it doesn't matter male or female, there are enough jerks out there who are self-centered, self-serving and just plain mean...)

I better sign off before I get dropped again. I just went to the lobby to purchase yet another internet card, and you know me: I want my money's worth.

So, I will be getting a later start than anticipated because I have stuff to wrap up, probably closer to 10, and FFM, in case I get dropped and can't e-mail you, if I am not home when you are ready to go party, don't feel like you have to wait for me. I will come find you all.

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