Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday

I think I've got laryngitis from yelling at the game last night (GO, DEXTER FOWLER! GO IAN STEWART!), which will make some people happy, and others not so much because they will have to do all the talking at the Friends of the SH Knight Geological Museum table today at Freedom Has a Birthday. Speaking of which, Happy Birthday America.

I've witnessed plenty of instances of Americans being appropriately myopically self-centered Americans lately, and of those in Power and Control here in America tightening the strings- noose? Speaking clearly from a more local level; crap, I haven't had a chance to catch up with national news in days! Having witnessed as I have, the American Personality in full bloom, I find it fitting to share this comment from John D, via Edison Rathbane, that I finally got down the e-mail list to retrieve. Here ya go:

You might mention the height measurements on the inside doorframes of some fast > food restaurants, to help identify characteristics of questionable individuals > when the cctv security recording is viewed later. You might get into the scary > big picture viewpoint identifying all of the locations where we are videotaped > through the various paces of our day, and of what use that information might be > to organized crime, if it were all compiled into one database, analyzing individual > civilian movements over time, either to exploit, or to 'better serve' them, by > understanding better than they do, what their needs and interests are. You might > mention where China fits in to all of this. Not sure I entirely buy the 'economic > warrior' ideology as described thus far, maybe I'm not quite sure who I am fighting > for or how it will benefit me. Perhaps it's just a goof that i shouldn't be taking > too seriously!

Have a great weekend. I mean you, and only you, because you deserve it and dammit better get it, America.

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