Friday, August 14, 2009

Why can't we all just get along?

I know it's a tall order. The one reminder with which I was left as I walked out of my counselor's office yesterday morning was that just because I am a pretty cool person who tries to understand and get along with other people doesn't mean I can expect everyone else to be that way because dang they just are not necessarily and I will only be disappointed. (Which I am on a regular basis.)

By the way, the FFM counsels me such, but he charges $95 an hour and whines that the check's always in the mail, whereas when I go to a regular counselor, I only pay a buck a session because I'm broke and marginally employed. So, it's way cheaper- though I am finding with time that the FFM offers up such fine advice basically for free.

Anyway, check out this picture and imagine it's a gun-toting capitalist and a welfare-state commie drinking at the bowl of harmony or something. And they both can afford to go see a doc for their diarrhea when they learn the milk is spoiled. Or at least buy a bottle of Immodium AD or take a day off from work to sit on the toilet.

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