Monday, August 24, 2009


Since I started school this morning and will be moving into a new house all week, and since Edison is in the throes of another production, I will guest him here for a few days and get back to you all when I am settled in.

The Economic Warrior

Volume 1 Number 3

Edison Rathbane

Taxation without Hesitation is Vapidity

You just can’t fix Stupid

There are causes and effects in any economy. An economy is a living thing. If according to Karl Deutsch "Politics is the authoritative allocation of value for all of society.", then what is "Economics"? Roughly, it’s the study of commerce, and financial interactions between members of a society. That’s just my working definition, and I don’t have anyone else to blame for it. I’m not going to go into the etymology of the Ancient Greek "Ekonometrika" unless you are buying drinks and paying for dinner. Yes, I know this word looks funny. It’s from a dead language that’s pretty foreign to English, and it’s been a dead language since before "The Power of Rome and the Christian Heart" reared their ugly heads. Don’t let it break your heart there sweetbreeze. They have also used an alphabet that has looked funny with funny characters for several thousand years. I don’t even have those characters on my unadulterated computer keyboard…don’t bother looking… you probably don’t either. I tend to spell words from dead languages with different alphabets as I pronounce them for better or for worse. Sue me later?

Economics, or the financial interactions of a society, are generally seen either a large view (macroeconomics) or in a small view (microeconomics). Although much easier to spot in a microeconomy, a person who is aware "of things" can see trends and causes & effects in their daily life experiences. It’s a learned skill. Depending upon the economic conditions of the times and a number of other factors, one may note these shifts more or less easily. It is more difficult to just noting these same trends from a macroeconomic, or larger level. That’s where those Dixon Ticonderoga #2 Pencils come into play. Don’t worry I’ll keep the math homework purty simple. The subtle, and not so subtle, trend changes may be traced using advanced economic tools, if you can get accurate data. Don’t rely on the government lie. I’ll do a whole article on "How and why the Government lies" at some point. It’s better to derive your own data. It’s time consuming, but it will give you the better accuracy. Here’s a fun exercise that my good friend …let’s call him Edgar… got me started thinking of for a quickie data gathering game. When you go somewhere, generally driving on a known route, count two (or more) things. Edgar is another one who adds his grocery list prices in his head at the check-out kiosk. We often shop together. Woe unto TacoHell, the Pythagoreans want bean paste. The two or more things that you choose to count doesn’t matter a lot at first, just count them every trip. I’ll start two new counting lists of my readers choosing, and then use them as analysis examples. I am currently tracking things like Foreclosure Signs, For Sale Signs, Trashed Old Cars, New Cars, and Average Cars on the road. I haven’t recently tracked things like dead skunks in the middle of the road and significant other historic events.

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