Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What a Bunch of Crap

OK, people, here is a perfect example of how you don't matter to the people with the power and the money:

We, the Friends of the SH Knight Geological Museum, have made a major impact on the visibility surrounding the closure and "reopen" of the Geological Museum on the University of Wyoming campus. We have navigated public opinion, administrative decisions, and big academic egos, in my view, with the smoothness of a baby's bottom, with aplomb.

So, I have issued very civil requests to both President Tom Buchanan, who received a raise in the same amount as the entire annual salary of the museum's Curator/Director, who was fired with the closing of the museum, and his mouthpiece Jessica Lowell (since he didn't respond to me). The requests were to answer two or three questions the public continually brings to us, so that we can give the people the facts.

Guess what, peeps: You got it! Neither one of them has replied! Yet, if I were a newspaper or radio reporter who would listen to their spin and accept it as the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth and then publish or air that story... You got it! "Sure, we'll talk to you!"

The Friends of the SH Knight Geological Museum has throughout the past several weeks been scapegoated as not being "friendly" to university administration and personnel. We have been portrayed as agitators. Well, you know what? When you agitate me, I AM GOING TO AGITATE!

While I continue to hold my tongue in my formal guise as a founder of the Friends, I am so thankful to have this outlet. People, we are screwed. How long are we going to let these people call the shots? I vote "NOT ANY MORE!"

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