Sunday, August 23, 2009

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Big Brother Google's ridiculously controlling new policy regarding sending e-mails to multiple parties, or What the Hell is a List for Anyway, Then?

I maintain several lists with multiple e-mail addresses on it for communication purposes, both personal and professional. I have used Gmail for several years because it has been easy to use and convenient. I am extremely angry to have just sent the Sunday morning announcements I release on a weekly basis TO A LENGTHY LIST OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD WHO DEPEND ON RECEIVING THEM, and to have subsequently tried to send an e-mail with a press release to another small group of people and find that I WAS UNABLE TO DO SO because of this absolutely ridiculous control policy. The "type in this word as you see it" feature is designed to limit spam. Spam folders are designed to reroute spam. People should expect some amount of unwanted e-mail to enter their boxes. There is a limit to the control you should exercise over those who use your services. You have exceeded that limit by limiting me from using your services. I will post this on my blog and will return to Yahoo or some other means of sending e-mails if this new control is not eliminated from Google.

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Tara Cox said...

This, along with the fact that Google is the Chinese government's (fully willing) jailhouse bitch for limiting access to information regarding the Chinese occupation of Tibet is one more reason to avoid Google like the plague. (Info here: )