Monday, August 17, 2009

Dollar signs dollar signs

OK, everyone, here is how this works: The people running the show in DC and in your state and even in your town have MONEY. They get money from other people who have money so that they can hold office and do those people's bidding. They don't particularly care about the majority of their constituency. They mostly care about getting their agenda met, and they will pretend they have your interest in mind so that you will vote for them and continue to vote for them, and they will throw you a bone when they find you getting disgruntled- a BONE, not a steak.

And those of you working class people who maybe have jobs right now, maybe not, and who are somewhat or even a lot conservative, for whatever reasons (I myself am pretty conservative, financially, materially, and environmentally. It's fine! It's good!), who believe that the Republican party is your party because that party totes the "conservative" label... Well, guess what? They are not your party.

Example: You may be invited to attend the Albany County Republican Party Rendezvous if you live here in Albany County, WY, and are a registered Republican. But can you ATTEND? Do you have $100 for the event? I don't. Now, this is the meeting at which the Republicans of this county decide their agenda. Are you part of this process? My guess is, not so much!

Now, let's move to the big health care discussion going on right now in this country, and let's talk both major parties. Ready? You know those "angry" people showing up at town hall meetings on health care to yell and scream because they think they might lose their insurance or be forced into a system that provides insurance they can't choose themselves? Well, those people, while in the majority- ie. having insurance- are not speaking for the 15+% of us who don't have it and can't afford it and currently do not have any options at all for it. Are they speaking for you?

But let's not let the Democrats off the hook, and particularly Mr. Obama, about whom the FFM was fuming this morning- and he's right. You can talk about men like Lincoln and FDR who stood against the forces of disagreement to get a job done, but that is not the same as walking their path and actively standing against those forces and getting something done.

There will not be any reform if Obama and the Dems allow the free market private company rhetoric to call the shots for them. Let's be honest here: Because the Republicans get together at their fancy meetings and make decisions together, they have a very loud front. (I looked up the Albany County Democratic Party website to find out how much this year's dinner meeting would cost, and they don't even have an event listed on the calendar beyond last November's election.) Pandering to big money and corporate over individual interests is just not going to cut it anymore. Or is it? I thought we voted against that last November; maybe not.

People, what did you vote for? Status quo? If so, you have no right to complain. If not, then SPEAK UP!

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