Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wabi Sabi

OK, peeps, there are plenty of things to get all up in arms about, but today I won't.

First of all, I am working on relaxing. I relaxed hard core (not an oxymoron) while on vacation in Great Basin NP, a place I recommend highly. Check it out:

Second, the FFM rides me hard like Mexico every time I exhibit a modicum of stress, which just stresses me out more, which is setting me up for a heart attack, if bad drivers don't get me first.

Third, I have been thinking about wabi sabi and want to pay that sweet Japanese world view homage today right here.

In essence, wabi sabi is the art of accepting transience and finding beauty in the so-called imperfections presented in nature through the cycle of birth, growth, decay and death.

I started thinking about this concept while lying in bed this morning, sometime before I fell back to sleep and woke again almost an hour after the alarm goes off, thinking, so what? Big deal. I needed that sleep, and I enjoyed the freaky weird dreams that came with it, and the world did not end while I had my eyes closed. (Now, that's relaxing, eh? And even if the world had ended while I was sleeping, I'd be pleased to die amid a dream.)

Anyway, so there I lay, thinking about how my mom said that my sister's house is like a museum, and "mine" isn't. I like my used furniture, not only because I am cheap and would prefer to spend the money I do have on food, drink, books and travel; and not only because it pleases me to know that things are being reused rather than tossed out, saving natural resources; but because that stuff's got character.

My orange easy chair, for instance. That chair was free. It's this burnt orange kind of color, in a that sort of boucle fabric that feels really good when you run your fingers across it. I love that thing. And the faded areas and pulls in the upholstery just make it more beautiful. You know? The cat made those pulls. So, that makes you think of the damn cat. And the worn parts remind you how comfortable it feels to just sink down into that seat and find a niche.

That's how I started thinking about wabi sabi this morning, and hellz if it didn't relax me for the day. I mean really, what else is there but the cycle of life, seasons, change, right? I just get in this weird little funk sometimes where I forget.

Maybe I should carry a picture of that chair around with me. heheh. I will definitely take all that stuff with me to Aubergine House. The President's got a stressful job!

Here are a couple pics from Great Basin. I am serious; go. Our national parks are gems. Enjoy.

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