Monday, July 5, 2010

If Sharron Angle shoots herself in the foot any more times,

I don't believe she will be able to stand up any more, at all.

I mean, seriously, peeps, tell me this woman would not possibly get even a single vote, given her ridiculous actions?

Angle Sends Cease-And-Desist To Reid -- For Reposting Her Own Website

"Sharron Angle has resorted to an unusual maneuver to counter Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's attacks on her past quotes and positions, the Reid campaign has announced: A cease-and-desist letter, demanding that Reid no longer republish Angle's previous campaign website.

"The short version of the story is as follows: After the former state Rep won Nevada's Republican Senate primary, Angle's campaign took down most of its website, and later replaced it with a relaunched version that in some ways toned down her right-wing rhetoric. But Internet pages are rarely ever forgotten -- the Reid campaign saved the old version, and put up a website called "The Real Sharron Angle," reproducing the old content."

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