Thursday, July 1, 2010

Flippin' Politics

Peeps, I flipped out about politics again last evening, raising my voice to obscene levels. My dad is in town, and he has been brainwashed by the hard right conservative shock-commentators who only want to point blame and claim there is so much wrong with everyone else in this country (especially Mr. Obama... I had to remind my dad that when I was taking the heat in high school as senior class President, he calmly told me not to worry, that I was limited in what I could do in my office and that really a president is more of a figurehead for people to stand behind than someone with inordinate power to perform every act that the people expect).

I can't take it. I couldn't take it. I told him, pretty loudly, that I don't care to hear from the conservative or the liberal media their spin on the facts, I just want to hear the damn facts. Fat chance of getting those.

He's home now, so I better go. (We made up when I reminded him that there isn't a politician in power who is really there for us, the regular people, and that not a single one of us will ever have a shot at being elected to office.)

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