Saturday, July 3, 2010

I love Anthony Pollina.

"July 4th is more than parades and fireworks.

"It’s an opportunity to remind Vermonters that it’s time to declare our independence…from industrialized food, banks too big to fail, and unfair taxes.

"for a real Vermont Buy Local, Hire Local Policy; time to invest in local renewable power and local businesses and farms.

"It’s the message we are taking to holiday celebrations and will be one of our priorities in the Senate next year.

"But, about those parades (gotta love them):

"Saturday the 3rd we are in Montpelier for the 6:00 PM parade, lining up around 5.

"Sunday the 4th we’re marching in Worcester, meeting at 10:30 AM, and then heading up to Cabot, missing the parade, but not the people. Likely stopping in Calais on the way.

"Feel free to join us.

"Remember, a new law makes the primary early this year – August 24 – so campaigning is picking up sooner, with more to do over these usually lazier days of summer. The early primary also means earlier expenses for signs, mailings, and other things. So please help by making a contribution online or sending a check to Pollina for Senate, Box 93, Montpelier VT 05601.

"This is an important race for those who share our progressive values and want more progressive voices in the Vermont Senate. We will do it. But need your help to make it happen.

"Stay in touch.


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