Monday, August 2, 2010

Republicans and Kids These Days

This is for the FFM, who suggested I might blog about both these issues today:

First, we've all heard that Lindsay Lohan was released from jail after 13 days of her 90 day sentence. We know because this is very important news. At least as important as, say, the flooding in Pakistan and Afghanistan that has resulted in the deaths of hundreds and tens of people, respectively. Well, it is more important because those countries harbor people with anti-American sentiments. To hell with them, right? Lindsay, on the other hand, is the pure embodiment of American youth, right down to the loud complaining about the inhumanity of the punishment meted out for her infraction, and the subsequent smug look on her face when she was freed early.

Second, the Republicans... The FFM suggested I talk about how the Republicans are trying to block the "energy bill" which plenty of people already think is watered down so much it "leaks" according to one opinionaire (I'm sorry, I lost the name). Well, it's not even just the Republicans. There are Democrats who are against passage as well.

An NPR story this morning: "Republicans — as well as some Democrats — say it's a bad idea to have unlimited liability for oil disasters. They say only the biggest oil companies have the assets to take on such risk, while small and medium-sized firms would be shut out."

Well, this is all-American, too. Whereas some people might say, "Good! Impetus to do things safely and properly in the first place!" true Americans would say, "We don't want anyone to have to take responsibility for anything they do wrong. My God, we don't want anyone to lose a chance at making the largest profit they can possibly make, regardless. Money is the aim, after all, not people's safety, or the ecological stability of the surrounding environment, our children's lives down the road... Hell, that's how the native Americans or the commies, those kind of people think, and look at what happened to them, Who's number one in the world, after all?"

Cheers, opponents of taking responsibility! You are true Americans! Cheers, Lindsay Lohan! You are our future! Let's drink to that!

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