Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tea Party for Change?

Peeps, it's making me a little nervous hearing all these people talk about how Rand Paul's victory in the Kentucky Republican primary is a sign that the Tea Party movement is growing and strong and that people really do want change in this country. Only David Sirota, on Denver Progressive Radio AM 760 this morning, came close to noting my concern.

Here's what it is, OK? Yes, the American people are looking for change. Yes, people are not impressed with Obama's alleged socialist agenda- at one end of the spectrum- or his patent lack of balls- on the other end. Yes, people are sick of sending the same bums back to DC to make the same money- and power-driven mess on Capitol Hill.

But this crediting "Tea Party" with scattering the seeds of change scares the hell out of me. First of all, for the most part these people are represented by educated white males who have their own interests, rather than the people's interests, in mind. Now, think about that for a second. The government in this country was formed by a bunch of white guys with the time and resources to go sit around talking politics and making decisions for everyone. And most of the people "representing" the rest of us in Congress and the White House these days are... well, white, and male, and endowed with the time and resources to get elected and to go sit around talking politics and making decisions for the rest of us. Do you really think that the Tea Partiers want a better America for everyone in America? heheheh

That is not to say that I think Rand Paul is one of them. I appreciate his deviation from the mainstream and laugh at the Dems who are picking on him from their own seat of fear. A little something different in this country can only be a good thing, as so many of us are disheartened by the status quo in all three branches of government at the federal level.

But, frankly, I am not interested in anyone thinking that because I personally want to see change, that means I just want to see some other privileged white guy kicking the old privileged white guy out of his seat so that he can take the money himself.

Nah, not so much.

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