Thursday, May 20, 2010

Because Cynthia Lummis Asked

Thanks to all of you who have responded. Everyone else in Wyoming, here is how to tell our Representative your priorities for the federal government, and our ideas for "taking America back (like bringing our troops back from Iraq and showing neighborly conduct by trying the Bush administration for their war crimes and keeping our National Guard here to protect our borders; not telling seniors there has been no cost of living increase so they don't get a raise in Social Security and then giving themselves in Cogress rasies, and instead cutting the budget by cutting their own fat salaries and benies a bit; immediately ending all government subsidies to corporations and engaging in some trust busting; by regulating private enterprise so that corporations are not allowed to limit the opportunities all Americans are supposed to have to live the values espoused by our Founding Fathers; and so on):"

I know the FFM thinks it's a worthless endeavor, but hellz, why lie down under the dozer? I'd rather face the blade and go knowing I stood up for my rights.

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