Friday, May 14, 2010

"Customer Service": Delta Airlines and WY DMV

Peeps, I will not go into the ugly details about Delta Airlines's failure to provide what they charge for right now. Let me just give you one piece of "customer service":

My mother is not a frequent flyer. In fact, she is a nervous flyer who does not fly often. So, yesterday her Delta flight got off the ground late from La Guardia, and she was concerned about making her connection in Minneapolis. As Mom sat on the plane, she asked a flight attendant if she had an estimate of arrival time in Minneapolis and if the airline holds flights if there are late arrivals. And you know what the "attendant" told her? "We don't give that information any more. We don't have time for that."

I ask you: If a flight attendant is paid to be on a plane for a flight and is in fact on the plane for the duration of the flight, ostensibly working, what the hell is the reason for her not to have time to answer a question?

Mom likely has the correct answer to that question: The employee was too busy attending to the guy up the aisle who wanted to purchase a 7 dollar drink.

In the time the woman gave my mother that unacceptable answer to her simple question, she could have said, instead, "I am sorry I don't know what time we are estimated to arrive, but we will keep you all posted." or something akin.

Delta will not get my business again. In fact, don't you all think it's time we stopped letting big companies charge us for goods and services they don't provide? I had to go pick my mother up in Colorado Springs, not Denver, which was an additional 150 miles added to my trip. We joked that I may as well have driven all the way to Minneapolis to pick her up. Why do we let these people get away with piss-poor to nonexistent service?

Now, Delta Airlines is a private company. Let's move on to government "services." For all of you, including the FFM, who was just screwed by bureaucracy, who love the government, let me ask you this: Do you pay your taxes to not receive government services? No, I imagine you do not. You expect that your money is going to providing services that private companies cannot or do not provide. Yes?

So, what would you do if you learned your driver license had been suspended because of a mistake that originated with the local police department and that was supposed to be rectified by the court and the State Department of Motor Vehicles, but that despite your own time and effort to be sure that had happened, it had not?

And then you called the DMV to tell them you had just received a ticket for a suspended license and that your license had been physically removed from your possession, and that you wanted this government mistake fixed so you could drive yourself to work, legally, and the woman on the other end of the line said, "We don't make mistakes."

WHAT?! Surely you do! Someone dropped the ball! Is this why we pay taxes? So bureaucrats can backtalk us when they screw up? People, this is bullshite, undeniable bullshite. Don't you think it is time We the People said "no" to this kind of treatment?

I sure as hellz do.

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