Friday, May 7, 2010

Sex Addiction

While I was involved in a very interesting conference on mine design, operations and closure, with some particularly cool pics of bad reclamation moves, preoccupations with sex were festering.

I mean, just crawling right under my skin. It started with a FaceBook friend (and old college chum) posting some really important story from National Enquirer (or one of those fine papers) about Obama being caught cheating. And further, commenting on how that particular paper had been the same to expose Tiger Woods and John Edwards. And how...

Well, that's important news! Hellz, it's extremely important to me, and to the rest of America, that these cheaters be caught, and that media time and attention and money, and even moreso, if necessary, government money, be spent on finding the truth. The truth about their cheating on their spouses. Because if they are doing that, they are letting us all down.

Who gives a crap if they are doing their job (ie. playing decent golf, taking care of domestic or foreign policy...) as long as we know what they are doing with whom in bed? (Because, God forbid that any of us common people do that. You know we do not. We are all pure and faithful to others. It's the American way, you know, a legacy of our puritan times. We always show great discipline in these matters and have a right to expect our celebrities and leaders to do the same.)

Don't get me wrong; I do think it important that we at least consider whether these highly visible people are doing their jobs or not. After all, this is a nation of workers, and we all have jobs to do, except the unemployed lazy bums, of course, which are a shameful scar on our great country in which everyone has an equal chance to become rich- and even famous.

But, I digress. I apologize; the topic here today is sex- cheating and addiction. Is sex addiction a legitimate disease? Should Sandra take Jesse back? I mean, he is in rehab, right? He is trying to beat his addiction to screwing other women. This is the real issue we should be watching, people. These are the important questions we should be asking in this country. I have a lot to consider, so I am going to cut this off here now. I will be back another time, soon, with the latest news on that, unless you've already got it.

Oh, weird, wow... Did you guys know there was this giant oil spill..?

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