Friday, May 21, 2010

Hey! Fatty Fatty 2 by 4!

OK, peeps, guess what? Ronald McDonald has been asked to retire because he directly appeals to kids, therefore stimulating childhood obesity. Of course, the parents (or other care givers) who drive the kids to McD's on however regular a basis are in no way responsible for their weight.

And Gawd forbid that Mama Obama try to encourage people to get educated about and end childhood obesity. That's the gubmint interfering in our lives! Offering help and encouraging people to be healthy is "interfering." Yup.

Since 26% of Americans nationwide are obese and maybe could use a little help, it seems Michelle could do little harm with her campaign.

And guess where the fattest damn towns are in this country? According t0 a May 2010 report in WebMD the Magazine:
8. Kingsport/Bristol, TN/VA, 32.9%
7. (tie) Lynchburg, VA, and Huntington/Ashland, WV/KY/OH, 33%
6. Bakersfield, CA, 33.6%
5. McAllen/Edinburg/Mission, TX, 33.7%
4. Flint. MI, 33.9%
3. York/Hanover, PA, 34%
2. Visalia/Porterville, CA, 34.1%
1. (tie) Montgomery, AL, and Stonckton, CA, 34.6%

Undoubtedly, ole Ronnie is standing right around every street corner beckoning with his irresistible gloved hand. Lord help us all; clowns truly are evil!

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