Monday, March 22, 2010

Health Crap Bill

Republicans Vow Repeal Effort Against Health Bill

"WASHINGTON — As jubilant Democrats prepared for President Obama to sign their landmark health care legislation with a big ceremony at the White House, Republicans on Monday opened a campaign to repeal the legislation and to use it as a weapon in this year’s hotly contested midterm elections."

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Peeps, I am being honest here. I still can barely talk about this without crying. We are being screwed. Who benefits? All I can find in all the articles I sift through are the pharmaceutical companies and the hospitals and probably the elderly. And of course, the insurance companies don't have to be mentioned; they benefit by default because we are going to be required to buy insurance not far down the line, and guess what? If we can't afford it, the gubmint will help us out, but the bottom line is, the insurance companies will make a profit. More of a profit.

Eh, I can't talk about it right now. Just put me first on the jailbird list when they start doling out penalties for not buying in.

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