Friday, March 5, 2010

All About Genocide

This morning, I am anti-American. I disagree with the House panel decision to approve an Armenian genocide resolution. Sorry. I know, it's akin to saying I believe when Iranian President Ahmadinejad says there was no such thing as the Holocaust. Because if these esteemed Congresspeople of this Great Nation had not approved this resolution to declare that what happened in the middle east about a hundred years ago between Ottoman Turks and ethnic Armenians, well, then it wouldn't really have happened, would it have?

And our President, Mr. Obama, is anti-American, too. This is yet another reason to berate him for not doing a good enough job picking up the mess left behind by the last administration. But then, he can't win. The same people who will use this excuse to admonish him for not being enough of a US presence in the world, are the same who are currently giving him hell for not sticking to his guns and getting our troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Wait and see.

It is our Job, as the Greatest Nation in the World, not to listen to the Turkish government when they tell us we ought to keep our nose out of their business and let them iron it out themselves. And it's not enough for our President, or any one of us Americans, to personally abhor genocide but not wish to push politically our disapproval of something that happened a century ago. If we really love our country and stand proudly within her borders, shouldn't we distrust that Turkey and Armenia can really work diplomatically to solve their issue so they can comfortably open their borders to each other?

I'm sorry, peeps, I am not on that boat. Hellz, for some bizarre reason, I am still wondering when we are going to take care of our own intolerance of people of different racial or ethnic backgrounds right within our own borders. I know, it's different. No one is killed because of racial, ethnic, or gender preference hatred here. Ever.

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