Thursday, March 4, 2010

Don't Fence Me In!

OK, peeps, so this morning I took myself for a little snowshoe up in the Happy Jack hills. It was a balmy, sunny, probably mid-40s, and even though the snow was crusty on top, well, this little excursion was just what I needed.

Then, I got back and tried to sneak into the office to work all afternoon on this slide show I have to submit for a presentation I am giving in Montana by the 15th of March. And lo and behold, who is the first person I encounter? Yes, the prof who runs this afternoon's seminar, who expected me to be out today... And I am not out. So, I will attend seminar. Which is no big deal, but...

Then I got into my e-mail account, and really, people, please don't put deadlines or schedules on me! I mean, seriously, there are people out there who want me to do things, and they would like me to do those things at their leisure, and frankly, the older I get the more I realize that as much as I am programmed to a) help people out and b) get shite done, I am also programmed to c) react poorly to schedule expectations.

I used to practically kill myself to do things when people asked or expected, and now that I am approaching middle age, I don't want to kill myself for other people any more.

And I still hate money, too. I don't mean "economics" or similar terms people have equated with "money." I mean "money," and this urge people have to center their lives around buying crap and making money.


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