Monday, March 15, 2010

Bill Gates: Philanthropist or Monopolist Tyrant?

OK, peeps, I know I have said all this before, but I wish to condense it into one line, after explaining to you the frustration the FFM experienced with his laptop not recognizing his camera was plugged in and ready to download last night (while we sat in a Super 8 room in Green River, UT- a nice Super 8, btw) on the one real break we get in a year... and myself reminded of my own laptop sitting at home on the kitchen table with a brand new hard drive and OS but still not recognizing the internet card even though I used it every day pretty much before the hard drive crashed (when the laptop itself was just over a year old- hellelujah, it last past the average 11 months.)

So, the FFM just came back in the room with an English muffin, which he dropped on the floor, and a cup of typical weak motel coffee, and is sitting in bed now asking me, "Who are you writing about?" to which I answer, "That bastard Bill Gates," and he asks, "Why?" WHY?

I would like to place the blame for these kinds of computer ills squarely on Bill Gates's shoulders. Who created and perpetuated the twisted profit-sucking operation that keeps us all buying new crap all the time because the old crap dies (or because the old stuff that worked perfectly fine is now considered obsolete and won't do things it used to do because something else externally has been changed to make that happen), that keeps us from making choices to buy, keep and use a computer for an extended period of time?

Bill Gates. Philanthropist only because he has made how much money off that business plan and has shiteloads to spare, unlike the general public that is under his spell.

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