Monday, August 25, 2008

This One's for the Queen.

There will be no politics in this post, unless you craftily impose them somehow.

Scutabaga is back! (Hermano, I placed Jaeger on the list for Yellowstone.) I am sitting at my own kitchen table writing this post with my own laptop computer! There is something very comforting about this fact; however, I admit that although a lot of e-mail piled up during the spaces between days that I went to the library on campus in the morning before work over the past couple weeks, I didn't miss having Scutabaga around as much as I felt some degree of angst over whether and when I would get the thing back, and in what condition. And I didn't feel terribly disconnected from the world out there.

What really makes me happy, and UberModern and like a Real Person, is having a brand new refrigerator-freezer in my kitchen as well, here at my right hand, sort of like Jesus at the right hand of God, waiting to do the next Important Trick- in this case, produce a crisp green pepper for lunch or a cold carton of milk for my morning cereal, or house constantly incoming bags of frozen meatballs and chicken alfredo the Judge picks up at Wally World. I had not realized, until I had this appliance at my disposal, how much I had suffered with an icebox that steadily filled with frost crystals so that there was no room for anything but, as my landlord so aptly noted, "a pack of cigarettes" -odd, from one nonsmoker to another, but accurate to a degree- and a crisper that didn't crisp, but blackened instead, the various vegetables I attempted to keep in it.

So, there you have it; I have truly entered the modern world. Here I am; vote for me!

No more politics, I promise.
Just one more thing: I thought I would pee my pants at Tropic Thunder last night. The FFM and I returned from Roberto's y Nanners's wedding at Columbine Cabins in northern Colorado (highly recommended by myself, for a long weekend away, at, in time to attend this film which I had been awaiting for weeks. And it performed to expectation. I will not spoil the movie for anyone who has not yet gone to see it, but I will warn you that if you are one of those people who adheres to Political Correctness and of your own discomfort and guilt cannot acknowledge the value of playing up stereotypes for society to see en masse, then you just won't get it. Unfortunately.
I am off to prep for a job interview. That's right; soon I may be changing my profile to another degree of employment. Wish me luck...

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