Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Independent thinkers unite!" says Jason R. Clark.

This is not an endorsement, only a point.

Yesterday I heard Jason R. Clark, who is running for Governor of Colorado, on the radio claiming that 45% of Colorado voters are unaffiliated, yet he, who is running I/UAF, is not being allowed to debate other parties' candidates before the people of Colorado. The media has decided to focus on the two "major" parties at the exclusion of him, and I am imagining, the other candidates who are not Michael Bennet or Ken Buck.

This morning on NPR, the story was exactly that, as though Bennet and Buck are Colorado's only choices in November.

Clark contends that the only way you can hear his message is on his website- or in the ads he can purchase. Meanwhile, it's free airplay for Bennet and Buck. And we bitch about Fox "News" being a political fund raising propaganda machine? What's the huge difference if just one party is given the attention, or just the two "major" parties? If 45% of Coloradans are not Rs or Ds, then the other 55% are made up of a combination of Rs and Ds, and my bet is that not one of those comprises 46% of that 55.

So, what's the point? That there may be other choices out there, besides the run-of-the-mill fat walleted smooth talking sold-out Rs and Ds? Other choices that aren't crackpots so insanely ridiculous that they scare up the rest of the media attention?



Anonymous said...

Great comments! It's amazing what the media will choose to pick up and share with the public. The debates are only open to those who have enough $$ to influence the voters--yet VERY qualified candidates do not get the media's attention. Jason Clark is a VERY qualified candidate!

Anonymous said...

Jason R. Clark's running mate Victoria A. Adams officially dropped out of the Governor's race, splitting the ticket. Her reasoning was due to in appropriate behavior by Jason Clark, there is a reason the media has not picked up on this guy...and it is not because he doesn't belong to a party. He is not qualified, period!