Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday Girl

So, last night we were sitting around while Tom opened his birthday presents, and Patty asked what day I was born, like which day of the week. She knew her day. I did not. I thought maybe it was Sunday, that I'd heard that once, so I checked online, and sho 'nuff. I found this site that told me not only what day of the week I was born, but all sorts of other interesting stuff about my birthday.

Like my number path, which is 6 and which notes that generally there are no negative aspects to that path, but that there could be a tendency to expect too much from others and be really hard on myself.

Having been reminded, once again, of this tendency, and having engaged in a political discussion this morning that became borderline less-than-cordial, with an old friend, I realized I have to just stop: stop expecting people to be rational, forgiving and most of all, responsible.

So I might have to turn this blog into a venue for other thoughts, like maybe my daydreams of colored fishes, instead of the political fodder that generally appears here. Because, peeps, things just ain't gonna change out there, and I need to remember that my social libertarian philosophy is not a feasible one in the real world. People want want want to get get get, but give the same to someone else? Fuggidaboudit.

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