Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Anthony Pollina shows it can be done!

OK, peeps, I have a lot I would like to write about, but I am definitely cramped for time right now, so here is some good news, and more later.

Hi Folks-
Primary results last week were great! Which means lots of work ahead!
We came in a very strong second out of 5 candidates, close behind the incumbent and well ahead of the other challengers.
I want to thank all of you who contributed, voted, called, signed, honked and waved, and otherwise supported our campaign. But, I also need to tell you about the work ahead and how important this race is.
We are in an increasingly important position. Our race is now the best opportunity Progressives and Democrats have to replace a Republican in the State Senate!
Sounds great. But it is also the only seat Republicans are likely to lose. They don’t want it to happen. With many saying we are the front-runner, Republicans will fight hard and throw lots of money at the race to defeat us.
Let’s face it, those who want to re-license Entergy Nuclear, turn back our progress on civil rights, and continue the failed Dubie-Douglas economic policies simply do not want Anthony Pollina in the State Senate.
With your help we succeeded in the primary. We need your help again. If you live nearby, let us know how you can help: put up a sign, write a letter, join us for a honk and wave, and more.
No matter where you live, please make a contribution now to be sure we have the resources we need to win.
Thanks very much.

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