Sunday, September 26, 2010

Got my Sunday paper and my Mystic Monk coffee

First of all, peeps, the Sunday paper made me crazy today. People running around yapping about how Obama wants to take us all over like Big Brother and the gubmint just stomps on our liberties and controls our lives in minute detail... Then these same people, I bet you anything, I mean, practically I would bet my own soul if it were worth betting, that the staff, including the principal at Laramie Junior High School, who say a boy can't wear a wristband saying "I heart boobies" to support breast cancer awareness because the word "boobies" could offend someone... I bet these very same freaked out control freaks who are squandering an opportunity to do what the wristband is intended to do: bring up awareness and discussion of a pretty important and grave topic- are those same complainers about how the gubmint steps all over their rights.

And then these ranchers up in the Meeteetse area who want to keep a bunch of monks and their monastery out... ostensibly concerned about water, wildlife and traffic... I bet they bitch about the gubmint wanting to control them, too. Just like they want to control a few guys who keep to themselves for the most part. WTF, people? Come on, these guys roast coffee. And truly, do they look all that bad to you?

Then, to make the reading of the Sunday paper just about as unrelaxing as it can possibly get: The USA Weekend magazine or whatever it's called that arrives inside the local paper features an article about how brave Jon Stewart is for broadcasting the "fake" news. Argh?

These are strange times indeed. And really screwed up.

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