Friday, September 10, 2010

I think it's time to LEAVE.

I think I've used that precious line from Tammy's (Friend for Live) and my undergrad latenight party-going days before on here, but dag, it's appropriate.

I mean, seriously, some people in Afghanistan complained that the authoritays in the US did not arrest the jackass pastor who invented that despicable plan to burn Qur'ans tomorrow? All the while burning American flags? Really? I don't remember when burning a book became a criminal act in this democratic republic. (Go to town with the Terry Jones effigy, though, without danger of arrest. Burning stuff and protesting aren't against the law here as long as no one gets hurt; it's probably that way in Afghanistan, too, right?)

And calling for President Obama's death? Really? Those people would fit right in here with our culture of "blame some other guy." Seriously.

And finally, we are not all the jackass pastor (who still should be ashamed, even though he bagged his plan), other people in the world. What the hellz? So, if we Americans are all jackass pastor-types who want to engage in acts of hatred, does that make you all terrorists?

Come on, people. yeesh

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