Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some more things I think are supah sweet

I completed my tax documents this morning and went to the FAFSA site to file for financial aid for next year, and it always tickles me absolutely to death when I get to the part where I am asked to say "yes" or "no" to having been convicted on illegal drug charges. Why does this make me so happy?

It reminds me of the youth I worked with, for, at Spectrum back in Vermont, who wanted to go to college, just the local community college to start, and were unable to receive financial aid because of drug convictions. Bastards! Or, bitches, in most cases. They should never have been allowed out of jail, you know? Evil damn kids thinking they can screw up as young people and then go on to redeem themselves in American society? Get an education, maybe a decent job, and participate in civil society as adults?

Ha to them! We all know a person can't make a mistake as a young kid and then grow up to lead a productive life, contributing to the American economy, to their local economies, to the civic culture of our nation and of their respective communities. Those things just don't happen. People are simply not capable of making a mistake and correcting it and getting on with their lives. Hell, if they were, imagine the people who might have made it into careers in our legislative and executive branches of government. Holy crap!

Speaking of government, something else that I love: that Michelle Obama tries to use her position to inspire and encourage kids and their parents in this country to eat better and get more exercise and live healthier lives. Ha, Michelle! You caint tell us what to do!

I haven't figured out yet why people didn't blast Laura Bush the same way when she used to go into schools and read to kids. Who did she think she was, encouraging reading? Who do these First Ladies think they are, really? Well, I guess we'll tell them!

Gawd, I feel really good today now.

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