Monday, February 22, 2010

Better Comportment

Peeps, I am back, and no longer spouting the angry words. You see, a long time ago, a very perceptive woman told me that I had learned my anger lesson in life and that I had only left to learn to deal with disappointment. Maybe sometimes I get the two confused. I think, even when angry, or disappointed, or whatever, I try not to be abusive. But Saturday's post was on the edge of abusive- vilifying the hate mongering School Board members of Wheatland, WY, who voted to remove an anti-hate banner. Did I really have to call them assholes? Nah. That's just stooping to their level, practically, of intolerance, and vilification, for sure.

So, I have decided to comport myself a little better than that. And this revelation all comes on the heels of an experience via e-mail that I had with my ex-husband-like-character this morning. He spewed vicious and hateful language at me in writing, and I have replied by letting him know that I will no longer ever communicate with him again, and I also have filtered his e-mail address so that any incoming messages from him in the future will be deleted, automatically- sent to the trash. And I unfriended him on Facebook. I just cut off communication; I did not fall prey to a fight.

Early birthday present to self: I will never accept abuse again, from anyone, regardless of any sympathy or compassion I may feel for that person or his or her situation.

Yay. And it feels really good. Ironically, last week I was talking with the FFM and a couple friends about "regrets," and I said I still do not experience feelings of "regret" for dating or living with either of the exes who are now the only two people I have filtered so that their e-mails go directly to the trash.

I was thinking about this a little while ago, that I may be feeling a little embarrassed that I put up with their ill treatment for any time at all, but really, did I know who they were? Did I know who I was at the time? I feel pretty confident I do now, and that I learned my lesson a little late, but, hey, at least I learned. That's what life is about, eh? I suppose.

Really, I guess the next half or more of my life ought to be quite a bit more pleasant.

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