Thursday, February 11, 2010

The March That Will Cure Our Ills

Reasons I should not go to Denver alone: I could go broke buying McD's and Subway for the people on the street. Seriously, I got really bummed last night walking up the 16th Street Mall after dinner, having subsequently bought a homeless man a sub and then three cookies for a buck, one for him, one for his friend sleeping on some stairs across the street, and one for myself, and thinking how it cost me about 10 bucks to feed four people in two evenings, about a quarter of what I paid a night to share a room up the street with three other women.

It's just weird and sad, and I get really depressed.

But it's all OK. Really, because I was listening to Denver Progressive Radio AM 760 on the way home today, as usual, and was excited to hear that people are gearing up for a March on Washington. (Guarantee they will wait until it's a little warmer and clearer of snow there.) But, what a great idea! A march on DC will so take care of the 40% premium increase in health insurance in California, and the 100% increase in Pennsylvania and will help the Dems grow spines and the Republicans to quit playing dirty politics, and all the other problems in between. Probably even the march will convince the SCOTUS to reverse that decision about corporations being individuals, too.

In fact, I wager that all those Americans who don't clip teabags to their ball caps and go out there and march will definitely remind themselves, and the rest of America, including the party pols, that there are more than Democrats and Republicans in this country when it comes to talking political party, and that in the end, really, we are all just people with values, wants and needs, and one of those needs is not for there to be a marked two party division in this democratic republic splitting us up and riling us up and making us all look like whining crying fighting goddam babies.

I cannot wait to participate in this march; it will be the cure-all for our ills.

Whoever says that just refusing to elect the selfish, rich, money-and-power-mongering people we keep electing is the answer is simply an idealist. That would never work. heheh

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