Saturday, February 20, 2010

Schools prohibit anti-hate banners- p.s. language unfit for people who can't hack the f-word

It's not just that I am suddenly realizing things like I am too old to cry when I am yelled at, and I am reaching the halfway mark. Shite like this is enough to make even formerly optimistic little me throw off my rosy-colored glasses and stomp them to pieces until the broken glass makes me bleed to death bef0re someone else breaks me up enough that I don't get the chance to do it on my own.

Fuck you, people. You are all assholes- or at least keep your goddam heads up your asses and your eyes trained on your narrow little myopic view of the world. I hope someone spits in your face someday, in much the same way that I hope to give Bill Gates the finger in person.. (Is that properly defaming? Hellz, I may as well get in on the zero-tolerance game.)


dying said...

lol,finally I saw ur blog Lisa~

dying said...

oh..and I'm Audrey