Saturday, January 30, 2010

Still Experiencing Severe Angst

I have a headache because I am running out of migraine medicine, and I had crazy full-moon dreams last night, like about this girl all dressed in black, some kind of weird creature who was crawling around and sneaking up on me and then jumping at me to bite my toe and suck out my soul. I told her she was wasting her time because I don't have such a thing.

And I woke up thinking about not only those two things, but still the fact that I am just completely bent out of shape, like never before, about the fact that we have one President in this country, required by the constitution to give a State of the Union address to Congress every year, but that in these media times, the "other party" gets to come back immediately following the address.

Make no mistake; these dudes are not speaking off the cuff in response; these are craftily prepared partisan statements developed in advance of their air time. Hellz, John McCain had his response out on Facebook before Governor McDonald was even done talking from Virginia.

I mean, honestly, I had an anxiety attack this year when it happened. It's partisan politics at their finest and simply serves to further split this nation, especially since only "the opposing" party gets that talk time. What about the Libertarians? The Greens? The Independents? Shite, what about the Tea Baggers? hahahahaha

Do you see what I am saying? There is ONE PREZ, and it should not matter from which party he (she if you send me to Aubergine House in 2012, those of you who survive the return of Quetzalcoatl) hails because it's the damn PRESIDENT's, the HEAD OF STATE's address, not the Democrats' or the Republicans' address.

I have no problem (to remind Karen and Alix) with people responding. Don't get me wrong. Sure, reporters, get out to those Capitol Hill buildings and press rooms and get responses from the people to whom the speech is given, technically. And get out on the streets and ask Americans what they thought of it. And challenge them, huh? You, the fourth estate, have enough power to convince the masses what they think they believe or know; why not channel that into convincing them to think for themselves and get facts and make decisions on their own?

But I won't travel down that road this morning. I got online to harvest my crops on Farmville, and it's time for me to go do that. Later, I can assure you.

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