Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: However you want to pronounce it

OK, I woke up this morning realizing it is true, fact, that Wyoming lags in the acquisition and subsequent loss of recession. How do I suddenly know this to be true? Because yesterday I was marveling at how the recession really hasn't taken a bite out of my own finances, and then this morning I awoke to the "new year" and the new thought that, oh, holy crap, how am I going to pay the rent today, and the phone bill next Thursday, and so on..?

Related to that, did you ever stop to think that you can tweak the dates you write- or sign over- checks- or in a more contemporary way, click on the payment button on a website, if the moola doesn't happen to be flowing like the lemonade springs in the Big Rock Candy Mountain, UNLESS it is the Verizon bill? Because those bastards will cut you off if you do not pay by the due date, and then they will charge an arm and a leg to hook you back in. (I do not know that last assertion to be fact, as I have never toyed with the Telephone Giant. No matter how much money I don't have, I pay Verizon before, if not exactly on, the 7th of the month.)

Now, that says something about our slavery to technology and money. Doesn't it?

It's OK, though, peeps. I will not let my own thoughts of doom and woe get the best of me first thing on the new calendar. I will consider it all a supreme challenge to get off my lazy arse and boot complacency to the curb. Really, it was getting that close.

How about you?

BTW, you can check out this sweet rendition of Big Rock Candy Mountain, and more fantasy paintings, at

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