Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Kind of Creepy

Last night I got an e-mail from my bro, "Gentle Tommy" as RobRohrTM so aptly named him recently, that the latest National Geographic Adventure mag features an article about Everett Ruess, that after 75 years, his body may have been found. So, he will save me the article because I can't read the whole thing online, but just what I read- and mostly saw- kind of gave me the creeps.

Like the article says, many people in the last century and a half have disappeared in canyon country. Ruess wandered all over- Escalante, Monument Valley, the whole four corners area- and if those are his bones, he died in a canyon on the Navajo reservation somewhere off what is now Highway 191, in the Chinle wash, a victim of a small band of marauding Utes.

Man, I just don't like that story. And I like even less the old photos of Everett's face with images of the recently removed bone and teeth imposed where they would be located on a face that was intact. It's creepy as hell. And I feel for his spirit, or something. I guess I'd be a pretty crappy forensic detective, and maybe a better Navajo. You just leave those things alone.

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