Monday, April 27, 2009

Creepy Ugly Little Grey Men

Does anyone else get what I get from this one? If you have a google account, you can set your homepage to have a theme of the day, one that often changes over the course of those 24 hours. This is today's. Here is the blurb about the theme:

"By Cameron Sinclair
"Cameron Sinclair is the co-founder of Architecture for Humanity, a global non-profit that creates design solutions for humanitarian crises and brings professional architectural services to communities in need. Theme designed for AFH by famed artist Cole Gerst/Option-G."

It's not just that there are cranes and trucks in this particular image that makes today's theme appeal to me. There is also a picture of a flying saucer on top of a burning house where it crashed, and a little grey family with open Os for mouths, the little girl with a bow in her hair, the dad wearing a hat a la 1950s.

While some people who left comments about the theme seem possibly cognizant of what's going on here, others didn't seem to get it:

"good cause but the little gray men really creep me out"

"This theme is really cute in theory, but the graphics are not particularly nice which makes it hard to give it a better rating. I want to like it, but those ugly little men keep me from truly enjoying it."

"not a huge fan. It looks like something out of a picture book, which some people may like, but personally, not for me"

It just feels like too many of us are willing to escape in what we find pretty or familiar.

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