Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Republicans ARE Kids These Days

Peeps, I have a long day ahead; uranium forum 7:30 until...? Maybe a softball game at 6 if there's no one to sub so I can sit this one out and stay at the glow show.

So, I only have time to spit this out quickly: Republicans have nothing, NOTHING worthwhile to say- or do. Please, do NOT vote Republican this fall. Please. The Republican agenda is a non-agenda, a no-agenda. I've had it up to... beyond my neck. I am drowning in bitterness toward a bunch of people who have stooped to the piss poor tactics of attacking everyone else as "bad" because they have nothing good to add to this country's agenda.

The end. Seriously, folks, when I turned 18, I registered to vote as a Republican. I thrilled in the early 90s when the young moderate Republicans, many with Teddy Roosevelt-style conservative republican values, began to run for office. What the hell happened?

Don't do it. At risk of sounding like an icky Republican, do NOT. It's a misguided and misguiding lost cause. We're Americans. We deserve better, but we have to stand up and get it, not wait for it to happen.

Off to talk U. Have a day.

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