Friday, August 13, 2010

Direct to you, from a social media site about which I will not talk:

Peeps, I gotta ask (even though it's Friday, about happy hour time, when I should be relaxing): is this country getting better for all when those with the money hoard it? And even moreso, expect those with less to be the ones to haul up? And even more disturbing, call those with less "lazy," just because they're not rich?
That's my thought, after meeting with the head of SER, who has agreed in principle to fund half my research, given industry keeps their commitment on the other half. Not because of what he said, but because of the letter I subsequently found in my mailbox from the head of the Wyoming Mining Association saying the WMA thinks that given the importance of the nature of my research, that SER should pay the full cost from the funds appropriated by the State of Wyoming legislature for uranium research.

Don't get me wrong: The nature of my research is vitally important, and I would not complain if those funds paid for it all. But I built this proposal in a way that I believe strongly will benefit not only the public but industry public relations. And industry agreed to the importance and to the fact that what I am requesting from them in dollar terms is a drop in the bucket that they could handle.

Then, suddenly, it's like that changed. It's not like the companies have less money with which to work. And while the funds appropriated by the legislature are there to be used for just this sort of thing, and should, it's just not like the operators can't afford to help out, too. After all, this research will save them far more than I have budgeted for the project.

And I guess, frankly, I feel affronted, having handled my research proposal in a way that could benefit industry public relations, yet here it is: the letter from the WMA, if not ignored, will make the uranium industry in this state look as though it lacks integrity. And folks, that's not something mining needs.

I am supremely disappointed. I trust that the operators who understand the value of this project and its being funded in part by them, will come through, but in the meantime, I play politics honestly, and if it doesn't work out that way, I'll make sure that people know they were right and I was wrong and that industry can't be expected to act with integrity after all.

And selfishly, shite, people, I have worked for months to build a research project that is inexpensive yet useful. What the hellz? Throw me out? Over an amount of money that is so little to you all that it doesn't make a dent in your change purse, but it pays my bills?

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