Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Some days are better left outside.

Yesterday was a meeting of the museum guy from OK with the Friends of the SH Knight Geological Museum, about the reinvention of the museum. Hard to believe it's been a year since Tom Buchanan, President of University of Wyoming, axed the Geological Museum on campus. It was an insane summer for the Friends, raising awareness and even some funding to show the importance of the museum to the public, whether local school kids or families from Boston or Chinese scholars. Then, limbo.

Well, things don't happen overnight, and now the museum reinvention committee upon which the same President who formerly said NO to the museum ever being again bestowed his blessing, is in the process of, well, reinventing the museum. Wow.

As the museum man said yesterday, "We know that no one wants the old museum back. People want something new." (He did not know he was wrong, and that there are actually people who liked the museum as it was, and found it plenty valuable. He'd been listening to the committee peeps. And trust me, some day there will be something new. There is something now. Someone will probably let you all know at some point what it is. But it isn't the final destination. But there is money now, for something new, but still a geological museum, even though Tom said no. So, there is progress right there, right?)

Today Soil Mapping class went out to Boulder Ridge. It was sunny, then rainy, mosquitoey, and pretty gorgeous. The soil was moist and smelled good when we dug it up and handled it. It's just a better day most days when those days are outside.

p.s. This is a super cool image from 1922 of SH Knight himself having lunch with some peeps in the Snowy Range, overlooking the Laramie Basin where we were digging around today.

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