Sunday, June 20, 2010

Life- Perfect as Usual

So, there is this recovery site my sis pointed me to, and every day I get a little message from there, a little mediation, and let me tell you, the only thing I am recovering from is existential angst, but these things are great. They remind me how deep I've wallowed in the crap, and alternately, how easily I walk right back out of it.

Here's today's. It's pretty sweet. And the site, if you're interested, is called In the Rooms. Thanks to my Wis.

Perfect as Usual

Miracles are natural. -A Course in Miracles

As my ll-year-old friend Tasha sat down to eat some noodles she had cooked for lunch, I asked her, "How did your noodles turn out?" Tasha smiled and answered, "Perfect-as usual!" Tasha's answer reminded me that perfection is our natural state. Life was intended to work perfectly; it does and it will. Those who attune their vision to behold perfection will find it, create more good, and enjoy it. Those whose sight is set on loss, victimization, and death will continually manifest those experiences.

Some psychologists did an experiment on children's attitudes. They took a child who was considered negative and unappreciative and placed him in a room with a collection of new toys. He played with each toy for a few minutes and then complained that he was bored. Then the scientists took a child described as positive and optimistic and put him in a room with a huge pile of horse manure. Soon he smiled and exclaimed, "This is great!"

"Why is that?" one of the researchers asked him.

Quickly he answered, "There must be a pony somewhere!"

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