Thursday, November 5, 2009

Whoo! Whooo!

We haven't had a little poetry here in a long time, even though the FFM did send a sweet-sweet Mark Strand poem out last week. You know I love that guy.

Here is yesterday's gem. Maybe the FFM should start his own blog. Well, then I'd probably be ripping off his stuff.

Speaking of poetry, remember to check out what my bro is up to with all that on Clouds for Pillows.

A Pair of Barn Owls, Hunting

by David Wagoner

Now slowly, smoothly flying over the field
Beside the orchard into the after-light
Of the cold evening, the ash gold owls come sailing
Close to the branches, gliding across the arbor
Where the bare grapevines ripen only shadows
In the dead of winter, and at the end of a garden
Suddenly flare their wings, hover,
And swerve, claws first, down to the grass together.
"A Pair of Barn Owls, Hunting" by David Wagoner, from Traveling Light: Collected and New Poems. © University of Illinois Press, 1999.

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Tom said...

Yeah, about that... I haven't been posting much because, frankly, I've had a bit of a dry spell. Also, I don't really know if anyone's reading it, other than RobRohrTM, who is the only one to have made comments. Rob, if you're reading this, I appreciate your support, and will try to get more on there soon!