Sunday, November 15, 2009

Things I Have to Relearn Regularly

Family is a sweet deal for a couple hours at a time, every few years.

The people who say "thank you" to those who serve our country in a military role, are not those who have the capacity to make sure the same government that hires and sends them on ridiculous missions takes care of them when they get home.

I apologize for being brutally honest here, all my fine socialist compadres, but there are very few well-paid and benefitted members of that same government who truly care about the people they presumably represent- or at least have the balls to actually pursue the agenda they purport to embrace.

(I still respect you; we just all have our Achilles heels.)

Even young teenagers who play sports don't like to walk.
This is a pic of my nephie, who is one of those little punks.

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