Thursday, February 19, 2009


I woke up feeling sick to my gutsack this morning, and it hasn't gone away. Then I punished myself by reading news articles about how the twenty biggest banks who were awarded- and I contend that is the proper word in this instance- bailout funds have not increased lending- which I already knew. So I thought I'd look up a little history of the Fed on its own and on government sites, since I tend a little toward conspiracy theory when it comes to the subject and would like to be fair...

And I just keep feeling sicker and sicker. So, I won't talk about it any more. I'll have a heart attack or a stroke if I don't quit it.

Here is something more uplifting for today:

Restoration program hires forestry workers
CTV Calgary
Updated: Mon Feb. 16 2009 18:35:38
Forestry work is a big part of the economy in southeastern B.C. and a slumping lumber market is hitting the area hard.
Demand for wood products has stalled and mills in the area have shut down operations.
Now, a new government program in the east Kootenay's is bringing together laid off mill workers and a grassland restoration society in a way that is benefiting both.
Through the Rocky Mountain Trench Society's Job Opportunities Program, a dozen mill workers have been hired to clear the overgrowth of trees to open up grazing areas for wildlife.
The crew is based out of Cranbrook and will be involved in several east Kootenay restoration projects.
The grassland restoration work doesn't pay as well as the mill work but it is significantly better money than the laid off workers would get on employment insurance benefits.
For more information on the Rocky Mountain Trench Society click on the link.

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