Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm a Deadbeat!

It sounds pretty creepy, like those deadbeat dads who walk away from their share of the responsibility for a child (even in Indiana) and leave the whole deal to the mom and then the law gets involved and tries to bleed at least some money out of the bastards once they're found, but no, this is different.

Nobody is trying to squeeze moola from me, but to get rid of me because I don't make them money. That's what the FFM informed me a little while ago when he called from work to harrass me about calling him, when I wasn't the one who called. I don't know why he doesn't believe me.

But, anyway, this is what he learned: that people such as myself, who are being told that our credit card interest rates are going to increase, are being told this because we have good credit ratings and therefore do not make the banks any money. Crap, people, if I had an AmEx card, according to the FFM, I'd be offered 300 bucks to cease and desist! This is a ludicrous prospect to me! I mean, OK, I don't need the banks and their credit cards any more than they need me, so I am happy to sever all our ties; however, here is the part that does not make sense whatsoever: the fact that the people they hold onto, who will pay abhorrently high interest rates and never pay their debt down and will be enslaved to these bastards forever... these people do make money for the banks, but what do the banks do with that money? Squander it, waste it, drive their big organizations into the ground.

Here is what I don't understand: Why the government would give any more time or attention or MONEY or breaks to these giant jackasses instead of providing incentives to little banks and credit unions (like the one I've belonged to since moving to Laramie and that has always treated me right and has been accountable to me and all the other shareholders.)

I believe it is a grave mistake to say that banks or other large institutions that command so much money and power are too big to fail. They have failed. Screw them like they have screwed the people. I mean, seriously, we the people have already been screwed, right? So what does that matter?

Is there an economist in the house who can help me out with this?

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