Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Swing Time!

Gerard Celente, Editor and Publisher, The Trends Journal says, "REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE GOVERNMENT AND CORPORATIONS ARE DOING.... Life goes on. Let's remember that during the 1929 Depression, it was the hottest, happiest music that anybody had ever known. It was swing time! People got dressed up and they had a good time and we can do that again. So, don't let the government control your life.”

I think the FFM was trying to make me mad when he sent this one:

Earthfiles: With the September 15, 2008 “Economic 9/11,” Are We Facing Depression Like 1929?

Celente: “This is a classic Titanic situation in the sense that what we saw with the Fannie and Freddie bailouts and the Bear Stearns bailouts and now the AIG request for more than forty billion more dollars from the federal government – it’s just like the Titanic where the rich and affluent were given the lifeboats and the rest of the people went under from steerage. The rich and powerful are too big to fail; the rest of us are too small to save.”

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