Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Credit Crap

I have a really good credit rating. I know! It's true! I got a report about a month ago. Well, a couple weeks later, I received my monthly statement on a credit card I have had for years, have always paid on time, have never gone over my limit, and all that. And suddenly the interest rate is abhorrently high. I mean, really this amounts to usury and if I were Christ himself, I would be in the money temples of the big banks of this country throwing mahogany tables around and yelling.

Anyway, I called the bank and asked the man I spoke with on the phone if he didn't feel awkward having to deal with excellent customers such as myself who had been totally screwed because people in the upper echelon's of the company for which he works made stupid- wholly cognizantly- mistakes. After a little chat, in which I assured the guy I had not received a letter stating the new interest rate would be coming my way and was in fact blindsided, we had an agreement that I will not use the card again once this year's expires. (I will not use the card again EVER, but that is beside the point), in exchange for the interest rate being reduced to the original number for the duration of the account.

Then, this morning, I got two new cards in the mail with new numbers and a note stating that my account may have been accessed illegally. Huh? So, I called the bank and talked with a woman who explained that Visa and Mastercard had informed them that several accounts, including my own, had been "compromised." Now nothing, "went wrong on the account," but to be safe, the bank issued new cards with new numbers. After a little chat with her, I was sufficiently certain that the terms of agreement I had established previously on the phone will not also be "compromised," but what the hey, right?

I know it's my own fault for having a credit card, but people, do you ever feel like I do right now, at the mercy of a bunch of screwups with absolutely no foresight, and far less smarts?

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