Sunday, March 23, 2008


Yesterday on the way to Denver, Nanette asked me why I started a blog, anyway; did I really have all that to say? I told her I needed another mode of communication with my brother; that e-mail, chat, phone and text message weren't enough.
Seriously, though, first, thanks to mi hermano, Perfect Tommy, for keeping me on my toes with his comments. Probably this is retribution for the time I threw the lawn chair at him when we were kids.

Second, the real reason I started a blog (and a grassroots Presidential campaign was finally the impetus to actually propel me to action) was that after two and a half fairly difficult years of trying to navigate an incredibly confusing and draining relationship with one person that took up a lot of my time and energy and severely kirra whared on my confidence as a social creature- yeah, imagine, but my friends saw and remarked with a frequency I stubbornly ignored (you could, on the bright side, think of this trait as a positive one when placing my loyalties to the people of this country, should I be chosen as President, in consideration)- when I'd finally recuperated and gained enough energy and composure to go back out into the world, I thought that a blog would help me re-establish missing ties with friends from all over times and places, possibly create relationships with like-minded people, and also help me reassess who I am, who and what I value, and where I am going in life.

So, there you have it, Nanette, and the rest of you. It's working so far.

We just got back from seeing Doomsday. Yow. If you haven't seen it, be assured this will be one of the bloodier films you see lately (and pretty much gratuitous.) Additionally, it's a fabulous conglomeration of Road Warrior meets Renaissance Fair Gone Bad as a result of Government Battles Virus and Loses. Actually, in this one, Government doesn't battle virus, so much as runs away and leaves people to die. Face it, my Federalist Friends, Government is made of people, too, and people who tend toward selfishness, greed and malice, just like the rest of us. That's almost as far as I'll go on the political philosophy debate because we all know I won't be convinced to change my mind on this matter, any more than I'm likely to change anyone else's mind. I don't know why we all don't take care of each other better personally, rather than hoping for Government to always step in and do things that maybe we could do just as well for ourselves. (Note, this is not a call to eliminate the institution entirely, despite anarchist dreams.)

Today in the Denver Post, for example, there was an article about families who lose members to war and the money the government pays them after this happens. The article mentioned that sometimes people feel like they are being "paid off" for giving the life of a family member. The gist, however, was that for whatever reasons, including filling emotional holes with cash purchases, people often use the money up without looking to the future. One woman called someone... I don't have the paper with me so won't be precise here... from an agency, or perhaps the military, to say that she had spent all the money she'd received after her husband's death, and asked if wasn't there more payment to come? She was told that she had spent all she'd been allotted, and that it looked like her government really couldn't do any more for her. If someone had helped her along the way: a friend, a family member, someone in the community, maybe she wouldn't have felt the need to ask the government for more and would have used what she'd been given wisely.

But back to the movie. The result of the Government's cut and run strategy regarding the virus was that those who were abandoned and were immune set up a crazy carnival life for themselves, complete with Roman style gladiator contests and cannibalism for entertainment purposes, as well as dinner for the mob. Yow. Well, if you haven't read enough now to think that you know enough about this one, go ahead and drop the eight bucks for a couple hours of MST3K-style viewing opportunity. (Although you might want to wait and rent in the privacy of your own home, where you and your viewing partner don't have to lean over constantly to whisper your next brilliant observation so you both can enjoy the moment together.)

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zendorphin said...

Well, thanks for the kind comments. And the very weird picture. And for the thoughtfulness you put into your blog. It's different, and it's fun, and sometimes it even makes me think! :)